Darley writes, hosts and produces an “Equitrekking” Special for PBS on Great National Parks, which takes a closer look at some of the remarkable landscapes, wildlife, and adventures in America’s National Parks.

In each park, viewers learn about the park’s history and natural environment, as host Darley Newman hikes, horseback rides and boats to explore the surroundings. Parks profiled include Bryce Canyon and Capitol Reef in Utah, the Great Smokey Mountains in North Carolina, Canyon de Chelly in Arizona, Kenai Fjords in Alaska, Haleakala National Park on Maui, Hawaii Volcanoes National Park on Hawaii’s Big Island, Cumberland Island in Georgia and Yellowstone in Wyoming. This TV Special is now broadcasting on international networks, in addition to PBS and Create TV, and is coming online soon to Hulu. Stay tuned and watch the promo below to get a taste of this beautiful TV special.

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