Travels with Darley” broadcasts on PBS, international networks and Amazon Prime, and as bite-sized video shorts through AOLMSN, and over 2000 partner sites.

In each episode, Darley seeks out locals to guide her through a series of immersive experiences to help viewers gain an authentic view of each destination and take away ideas for interesting experiences they can recreate on their travels. Viewers experience beautiful and awe-inspiring locations, great culture, cuisine, nature, art, music, history, and adventure. Each episode introduces viewers to diverse cultures and traditions. Darley’s on-camera local counterparts are the true stars of each episode, as they lead Darley through their world.

Started as a web series on AOL, Amazon, Huffington Post and MSN Travel in 2014, the broadcast version recently completed its 30th half hour, taking viewers through Europe, Asia, the Caribbean and the USA.

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Season One Preview

Watch Season One now on Amazon Prime.

Season One Episodes
Guadeloupe Islands Caribbean Adventures
Maryland’s Eastern Shore
Belgium: Castles, Cities & Countryside
Belgium: Brussels & Beyond
Southern States Road Trip
Michigan’s Upper Peninsula
Road Trip: Maryland, Virginia and South Carolina
Guadeloupe Islands Caribbean Escape 

See individual previews for each episode on or watch on Amazon Prime

Season Two Preview

Watch Season Two now on Amazon Prime.

Season Two Episodes
England: Manchester, Liverpool & the Lake District
Wales: Isle of Anglesey & The Coast
Northern England and Wales
Little Rock, Arkansas
Hong Kong Urban Adventures

See individual previews for each episode on or watch on Amazon Prime

Season Three Preview

Season Three Episodes
Martinique Adventures
Hong Kong Urban Adventures
Wyoming National Forests
Illinois: Route 66 & Midewin
Illinois: Ottawa & Beyond

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Season Four Preview

Season Four Episodes
West Virginia Adventures
France’s Western Front Part I
Missouri’s Route 66 & St. Louis
Tokyo, Japan
Martinique Caribbean Culture

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 Season Five Preview

Season Five Episodes
New York’s Southern Finger Lakes
New Mexico’s Continental Divide Trail
Santa Fe Arts & Culture
Finger Lakes & Monongahela Forests
French Riviera
Santa Fe Adventures

See individual previews for each episode on

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